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Contemporary Fine Art

Kay Bainbridge
‘My paintings are imaginary spaces that are intended to give a sense of place with their own laws of physics. Perhaps oxymoronic, where the investigation into the pure matter and aesthetics of paint meets emotion, narrative and memory.

I am hoping that the co-existence between the illusion and the real matter of the paintings create feelings that are somewhat indefinable; a flux somewhere between comfortable, pleasurable, uneasy and uncertain.

To further this, it is hoped that the pure matter and the illusion existing together will create a kind of time travel. The matter being very much about the present, and the illusion within the painting having more of a timelessness. Perhaps a memory of a certain time or an emotion that is associated to that time.

I want this illusion of a narrative to coexist with the constant enquiry into the real matter of the paint, and the aesthetics of colour and mark making. These processes are very much about the present, the here and now.

I feel the paintings need an element of inelegance and I look for beauty in the awkward and clumsy.'

Kay Bainbridge 2013
Professional Experience
2010 – Present Director of No4a.Gallery and Artist Studios
1992 – Present Self Employed Artist and Illustrator
2005 – 2010 Lecturer in Life Drawing, Worcester College of Technology
2008 MA Children’s Book Illustration, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
1996 Certificate in Education, Greenwich University, London
1992 BA (hons) Fine Art, Winchester School of Art, Winchester
Group Exhibitions
2013 Conversations with Birmingham , Brindley Place, Birmingham
2013 Brooksmith Planning, Edgbaston, Birmingham
2013 Worcester Open, Worcester Museum and Art Gallery
2013 PINK! Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2013 Saltburn Art Fair
2012 Open Studios, No4a Gallery, Malvern
2012 ‘The Perfect Nude’, Charlie Smith London
2012 ‘The Perfect Nude’, Wimbledon Space, London
2012 ‘The Perfect Nude’, Exeter Phoenix
2011 ‘Blue’, Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2011 ‘Unearthed’, Stratford High Street, London
2009 ‘Red’, Custard Factory, Birmingham
2008 Illustration cupboard, London
Solo Exhibitions
2011 ‘New work’, No4a Gallery, Malvern
2008 ‘Inside Out’ Wheel of Life Centre, Malvern
2007 ‘Transition’, Virgin first class lounge Euston and Birmingham
2006 ‘Shift’, Virgin first class lounge Euston and Birmingham


  1. Night Shift
    Night Shift
  2. Night View Through Small Window
    Night View Through Small Window
  3. The Ferryman
    The Ferryman
  4. The Insomniac
    The Insomniac
  5. The Lovers
    The Lovers
  6. Film Set With Ambulance
    Film Set With Ambulance
  7. memory mists
    memory mists