Daphne Francis Gallery

Contemporary Fine Art


June 1st - 30th

'Everything has a story, which only ends, when change is impossible'' (JD Francis)

Edward Cartwright's impressive, contemporary steel sculptures are both evocative and enigmatic. The work is easily recognisable as figurative, but holds an abstract quality, lending a narrative of fantasy and story telling, and of worlds beyond. The often whimsical characters lead the viewer into a world of possibility.

Cartwright will reclaim metal objects, such as cutlery and other materials, and also use traditional steel sheeting and blown glass, to construct an array of beautiful and sensual pieces of work that make you stand up and take notice. Visually, links to Dada and the Surrealists and Kurt Scwhitters are evident in the playful nature of the work, particularly with 'Bird' and 'Bust'.

Other pieces such as 'Pods' and 'Sketch Of A Woman' are part of a new body of work which is ongoing, where Cartwright is exploring materials, process and nature.

Cartwright lives and works in the West Midlands.

JD Francis

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Artwork  Imagery  'Pod' 2016 courtesy of  Edward Cartwright