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Steve Evans
 My work is informed by my background in structural engineering and is rooted in my interest in architectural detail, space, the way that shape and form provide stability and the effects created by superimposition of lines.
It incorporates the techniques and formal qualities of technical drawing before the advent of CAD – qualities of precision, regimentation, the repetition of line and reference to geometry and measurement. Unlike CAD these works contain minute inconsistencies. The spacing, whilst measured, is imprecise, the thickness of line is variable. These ‘flaws’ evident in the hand-drawn pieces, add qualities that make each unique – sometimes the arrangements of line create visual disturbances and illusions beyond the original architectural or formal references. Whilst the works are clearly concerned with man-made form and celebrate the modern, they are also pieces in their own right – abstractions that explore and extend pictorial space through the use of light, line and colour. These works are also developing into abstractions by the exploration related drawing techniques.
Steve Evans


Solo exhibitions - 'Parallax' Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton2016, 'Lines of Communication' Dudley Art Space 2015, 'Reading Berween the Lines' RBSA Gallery, Birmingham 2015, 'Lines of Enquiry' Asylum Gallery, Wolverhampton 2014,  'Across the Line' Eagle Works, Wolverhampton 2013, - 'Keep Looking', Bilston Craft Gallery, Bilston, Wolverhampton 2011; Group exhibitions  - Staffordshire Open 16, Shire Hall Stafford 2016,Prize Exhibn, RBSA Gallery Birmingham 2016,Cobalt Blue Exhibn, The Bond, Birmingham 2016, Art Yard Open, The Art Yard, Cradeley Heath 2016,Candidates Exhibn, RBSA Gallery, Birmingham 2016,'I Am Arts Fair' Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton 2016, Open All media and Members & Associates Exhibn RBSA Gallery, Birmingham 2015/6, Wolverhampton Society of Artists, Nuneaton Art Gallery and Wolverhampton Art Gallery 2015, 'Exploring Drawing' RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, 'Birmingham and Beyond' RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, Junction Art Limes Road Gallery, Wolverhampton, 'Delicious' Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, 'Regulate' The Montgomery, Sheffield, West Midlands Open Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Shropshire Open, Gallery 3, Shrewsbury, Art in the City, Asylum Gallery, Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Society of Artists Framers Gallery, Wolverhampton, Connections, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, Prize Exhibition RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, Junction Pre-Exhibition, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 'Appearance vs Reality', EVOKE Art Gallery, , 'Candidates Exhibition' RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, Process, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, 'Junction 5+1' Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 'Birmingham Today'
RBSA Gallery Birmingham, 'Lines and angles' The Bond, Birmingham 2013/2014, Wolverhampton Art Gallery W'ton Society of Artists 2013/2014, Friend's Exhibition, Royal Birmingham Society of Artists 2013, RBSA Gallery Birmingham 2013 - Staffordshire Open Art 2013, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford 2013 - Summer Exhibition, The Public, West Bromwich 2012 - Junction Festival, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton 2012 - Miniatures, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield 2012 - Open All Media, Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, RBSA Gallery, Birmingham 2012 - Open West Midlands, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton 2012 - Staffordshire Open Art, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford 2012 - Wolverhampton Society of Artists, Bessant Gallery, University of Wolverhampton


  1. Down There New Art Gallery Walsall
    Down There New Art Gallery Walsall
  2. Inside The Box
    Inside The Box
  3. Landing
  4. Larrys Glass Boxes
    Larrys Glass Boxes
  5. MAC/VAL
  6. Richards Curve
    Richards Curve
  7. Shadows 3
    Shadows 3
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