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Exhibition extended through Mar!

Feb 1st - Mar 31st 

'Transformation is the natural process of time, be it ordered or chaotic' JD Francis
 Alexi K's dynamic, structured, colour field paintings are a transformation of predefined geometric symmetry and perfection, to something more human, like ordered chaos.

Artist, writer and draughtsman Alexi K, brings his knowledge and interest in the written fictional worlds of science and the fantastic to the paintings which are explosive, colourful interpretations in an abstract language, of the possibilities of a world as yet unknown. His interest in the human, the city and culture also informs his work and is a constant source of inspiration.
His process involves superimposing, reflecting, shifting, emphasising and replicating. This gives the work a quality synonymous with opp art as well as abstraction.
Alexi K lives and works in Worcestershire and Birmingham.
JD Francis
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Artwork  Imagery courtesy of  Alexi K