Daphne Francis Gallery

Contemporary Fine Art

'Urban Myth' Exhibition

1st-30th November

This exhibition brings together artists Zarina Keyani and Alexi K of The Custard Factory in a show celebrating contemporary urban art and life.

Keyani 's abstract paintings are a comment on contemporary space and cultural history, particularly that relating to landscape.

On canvas ideas are condensed into colour line and movement. On closer inspection recognisable landscape elements that are usually kept at the periphery of vision are brought forward, questioning what we see and what we understand.

Altho not representational the work does represent a part of the wider space we occupy, as all paintings are an abstract of a larger vista or view. The paintings are an alternative perspective of that view.

Keyani has extensively studied and researched creative processes including painting and print-making, and paints in all mediums.

The work lies within the traditions of Rothko, Richter and Scully where paint is layered in ways to achieve various colour and tonal perspectives.

In contrast Alexi K's paintings are a mass and often explosion of colour. Each painting is the result of many layers of acrylic paint, and hours of painstaking work.

Some of the finished effect is machine-like, however Alexi K likes to leave areas of painterliness, confirming the human hand in the process.

The work is also a comment on contemporary culture and immediate history but relating to comic-books, cinema and architecture.

The interest in comics and film stems from his childhood, where both played an integral part of the artist's everyday life. This continues as a thread within the work, in terms of architectural structures and motifs, where other forms of graphic design, and various 20th Century art movements such as Futurism, are also assimilated.

Alongside this interest in architecture and comics, Alexi K is also influenced by music and travel.

Both artists live and work in and around Birmingham, UK.

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The Custard Factory
Gibb Street

Artwork  Imagery   courtesy of Alexi K
Artwork courtesy of Alexi K