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Zarina Keyani
 Zarina Keyani's abstract paintings are a comment on contemporary space and cultural history, particularly that relating to landscape. On canvas and paper these notions are condensed into colour line and movement. On closer inspection recognisable landscape elements that are usually kept at the periphery of vision are brought forward, questioning what we see and what we understand.

Altho not representational the work does represent a part of the wider space we occupy, as all paintings are an abstract of a larger vista or view. The paintings are an alternative perspective of that view.

Aesthetically, the abstracts are reminiscent of printed works made using a print press . Chance and random interest normally only achieved in printmaking is evident. This is often the motive or goal, to create a painting that appears easy and random and as quick as printmaking when in reality the painting has been laboured on over many months.

Keyani has extensively studied and researched creative processes including painting and print-making over many years, and paints in all mediums. The work lies within the traditions of Rothko, Richter and Scully where paint is layered in ways to achieve various colour and tonal perspectives.

JD Francis


Autumn Exhibition - Sara Priesler Gallery
Within The Land - Daphne Francis Gallery
The Cobalt Blue Show - The Bond, Birmingham
Summer Exhibition - Sara Priesler Gallery
Junction - Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Land Lines - Daphne Francis Gallery
Love Art – RBSA GAllery, Birmingham 
Spring Exhibition - Sara Priesler Gallery – The Custard Factory 
#CustardContemporary – The Custard Factory, Birmingham (Dec)
Sara Priesler Gallery - The Custard Factory (on-going exhibitions through 2015)
Junction Festival - Wolverhampton (June-July)
Perspectives on Structure - The Lakeside Gallery, Birmingham (June)
Rational grid, Geometric Exhibition - The Lakeside Gallery, Birmingham (April)
Love Art, Buy Art, Make Art - RBSA Birmingham (9th-21st Feb)
The Winter Show - The Campden Gallery, Campden, Gloucestershire (Feb)
Friends Reunited - The RBSA, Birmingham
The Unites states of Art - The Lakeside Gallery, The Custard Factory, Digbeth
Junction Festival - Wolverhampton Art Gallery on 24th May-21st June, Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton on 11th-13th July
Interlude - The Custard Factory, Birmingham
Figures In An Abstract Landscape - Brooke-Smith Planning, Birmingham
Custard tArt - The Custard Factory Birmingham
Artspace Dudley - Birdcage Walk, Dudley
Birmingham Now - RBSA Birmngham
Conversations With Birmingham - 9 Brindley Place, Birmingham
Negotiating Heritage - Ragley Gallery, Alcester
Condition of Spirit - The Bond Company, Fazeley Street Birmingham
The Open Project - The MAC, Birmingham
The Artist - Edgbaston Birmingham
Creative Connections Group Show -  Bilston Craft Gallery
Curating Curiosity -  Ragley Hall
RBSA, Birmingham
Monoblog winter issue, Online Magazine
The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Mall Galleries, London
The Neo Print Prize, Gallery 22, Bolton, Manchester
The Final Show, The Garage, Worcester University
(Behind the Scenes at The Final Show)
United Colours Of Birmingham, Zellig, Birmingham
Anticurate - MAC, Birmingham
Ego Squared, Minerva Works, Birmingham
Worcester Workshop, Sansome Street, Worcester
Menier Gallery, London
RBSA Gallery, Birmingham
CIB, Birmingham

  1. Untitled Land Series 2.8
    Untitled Land Series 2.8
  2. Untitled Land Series 2.7
    Untitled Land Series 2.7
  3. Dale Dyke Rest
    Dale Dyke Rest
  4. Hope Forest
    Hope Forest
  5. Yggdrassil
  6. Landscape 2.2
    Landscape 2.2
  7. Edge of Your Vision, Blue
    Edge of Your Vision, Blue
  8. Edge Of Your Vision, Orange
    Edge Of Your Vision, Orange
  9. Eden 5.5.23
    Eden 5.5.23
  10. 5.5.37
  11. 5.5.39
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